Hyundai Introduces Innovative Rewards Program

Hyundai Rewards prgHyundai Motors America recently launched a new rewards program that is set up to encourage vehicle owners to visit the service department at their local dealer. The program also provides points for every dollar spent on a shopping website set up by the automaker.  As the points accumulate, vehicle owners can apply them towards discounts on service visits or the purchase of a new vehicle.

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August Sales Jump to Record Heights for Mercedes Benz

2014-C-CLASS-COUPE-Mercedes-Benz reported record sales in August, when locations like Mercedes Dealership Duluth combined for 27,078 deliveries and a 9.4 percent jump in volume. With volume up by 8.2 percent through the first eight months of 2014, the brand also has tallied 205,894 sales on a year-to-date basis.

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Hyundai Gives new App to 2015 Sonata Owners

41692_1_1Hyundai is providing a new app for all 2015 Sonata owners, called Hyundai Assurance Car Care. The in-vehicle app can be downloaded in models that are equipped with navigation, providing quick access to information about the vehicle, plus available car care services. It shares some similarities with the Hyundai Assurance Car Care app for mobile devices, but instead is displayed on the eight-inch infotainment screen inside the vehicle. The new in-vehicle app also provides the first digital owner’s manual from Hyundai, allowing a more efficient and convenient method for car owners to become familiar with their vehicle. Through the Hyundai Assurance Car Care app, owners can also schedule a visit to a dealer’s service department to take care of maintenance issues like performing oil changes. Later in 2014, the in-vehicle app will become available on additional Hyundai models as they arrive at retailers like Hyundai Dealer San Jose, but for now can only be used in 2015 Sonatas.

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Ford to Auction Limited Edition 2015 Mustang

Mustang50thEdition_01_HRFord has announced it will auction off the last 50 Years Limited Edition 2015 Mustang, which comes with badge number 1,964. The beneficiaries from the sale will be the Henry Ford Health System and Benson Ford Heart & Vascular Institute. The limited edition pony car will go on the auction block at the Barrett-Jackson Las Vegas auction, which will take place on September 25 through 27. The total number of the 50 Years Limited Edition Mustangs that have been built is a tribute to the first year the car was launched, back in 1964.

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Nissan Uses Heisman House Campaign for 2014

Nissan Heisman House campaign logoNissan is teaming up with ESPN to once again promote its Heisman House campaign, this time for the 2014 college football season. The house gives fans a look at what it might be like if past Heisman Trophy winners all lived under the same roof, sometimes using humor to get the message across. The entire effort is to lend support to the Heisman Trust, which provides community support and charitable events throughout the year. The event is also entertaining, says Nissan Dealer Kingston, because football fans can vote online for their favorite Heisman Trophy candidates for 2014. The player that receives the most votes will be given an award by Nissan.

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Nissan Altima Acclaimed for its Comfort by

2015 Nissan AltimaThere seems to be a list or an award for just about every component of a vehicle these days, which means just about every model available to buy today can claim to be some sort of award-winner. But some things are particularly important to buyers, and being the recipient of plaudits that commend these important attributes can make a big difference to the success of a vehicle. If you are looking to buy a midsize sedan at the moment for example, it’s pretty likely that comfort is an important feature that you will be looking for in your new car. It’s therefore great new for the guys at Albany Nissan that the Altima has just been included on’s list of the “10 Most Comfortable Cars Under $30,000.”

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GMC Sierra 3500 HD Wins Contest

2015 GMC Sierra Denali 3500HDGMC has picked up another accolade, this time for the 2015 Sierra 3500 HD as it competed in the 2014 Ultimate Heavy Duty Challenge. The pickup truck entered into the one-ton diesel category, which was judged by automotive experts from sources like,, and The competition required each model to undergo thorough testing that had the GMC Sierra 3500 HD squaring off against the Ford F350 with a Powerstroke diesel engine, and he Ram 3500 with a Cummins diesel engine.

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Chevrolet Helps Children Have Manchester United Experience

ManchesterUnitedMascots-Jasmine-USAChevrolet is playing host for 11 children, helping them enjoy a unique Manchester United experience in the club’s home city. The children hail from all over the world and will be filling in as mascots for the opening game for the Premier League, which will take place at Old Trafford. The effort is part of the Chevrolet “What Do You #PlayFor?” campaign, which Chevrolet Dealers Md say is designed to create a more cohesive global community of football fans. As a result, the 11 children are coming from a variety of countries like the United States, Brazil South Korea, China and South Africa.

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Ram Works to Align with SAE Towing Standards

2013 Ram 3500 Heavy DutyRam says that it will be the first car company to go with the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) J2807 standardized tow rating practices, which have been adopted for all 2015 models. In fact, the brand has validated all three of its full-size truck lines using the new SAE standard, something that Ram Dealers Bristol say no competitors have done. As a result, Ram boasts two victories in the pickup truck market, one for having the most fuel efficient models and the other victory for best SAE towing capacity.

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Two New Engines for F-150 Buyers to Choose From

Ford Dealership Sarasota imageNot so very long ago, if someone came to you and said you could have a smaller, lighter engine that would be more economical but also more powerful than you currently had, you’d probably think they were mad. But that seems to be the way of things these days, and your Ford Dealership Sarasota will tell you that their manufacturer’s EcoBoost engines are leading the way in this area of engine development. While it might be easy for the more skeptical amongst us to accept that the three-cylinder 1.0-Liter EcoBoost that you find in the current Fiesta and that is about to appear in the latest Focus does a great job, it may be harder for them to believe what the bigger versions like the new 2.7-Liter unit in the new F-150 are capable of.

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