U.S. Leaf Sales Top 75,000 Units

Nissan delivers 75,000th all-electric LEAF in the U.S. to Oregon

After record-setting sales in 2014, backed by the efforts of Nissan Tuscaloosa and other members of the Nissan retail team, the 2015 Leaf recently passed yet another important milestone: With a delivery to customer Rishabh Mehandru, who commutes about 30 miles daily to his job as a senior engineer with Intel, in Oregon, U.S. volume for the Leaf reached 75,000 units.

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Buick Scores Well for Dependability Study

2012 Buick LaCrosse GL ConceptGreat things are happening at Buick as the brand was recently singled out during the J.D. Power 2015 Vehicle Dependability Study. It was included in an elite group of vehicle brands who are the most dependable in the industry, according to the study. Buick Dealer Milan points out that last year Buick ranked fifth overall, but for 2015 it rose three spots to be number two. As a result, it surpassed many other luxury makes that it competes against for customers, adding to the good news.

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Sustainable Material in 2015 F-150

Laird Ford

If you ever walk on a relatively remote beach, you can’t fail to notice the huge amount of plastic bottles that find their way onto our shores after being washed up by the sea. Not only is their presence unsightly, but it represents a growing threat to the health of our Oceans and the creatures that call it their home. Although it would be great to be able to clear all these bottles away from our beaches, it would only be a very temporary fix as the waters are already teeming with potential replacements, and more and more plastic contaminants are going to find their way into the water in the future. However, even though it is a relatively small contribution to dealing with the problem at the moment, the folks at Laird Ford can proudly tell you that their manufacturer is trying to do its part in providing a solution.

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Dodge Charger Wins 2015 MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Award

2015 Dodge Charger R/T Road & Track

If you stop for a moment to consider how many outstanding sports sedans there are out there at the moment, it’s a pretty big deal to be named by a respected source as the best of the current crop. But it probably won’t have been too much of a surprise to the team at Savage Dodge that the all-new 2015 Charger has recently been named by MotorWeek, as the winner of its Driver’s Choice award for “Best Sports Sedan.”

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Sales Records Continue to Fall for Nissan

2015 Nissan Murano

Thanks in no small part to customers like those from Nissan dealership El Centro, the Nissan brand has big sales news to report: After garnering 106,777 deliveries in February, and a 1.1 percent bump in volume, the division has now extended its ongoing streak of record sales months to 17.

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Kia Creates Electric All-Wheel-Drive Crossover Concept Vehicle


Kia rolled out a new all-wheel-drive crossover concept vehicle during the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, showing how the company could create a mode of transportation that works equally as well in the city as in the middle of the wilderness. The Trail’ster e-AWD concept is based on the Soul crossover like what one might find at any Kia dealership. The model has been outfitted with a number of features not available on any production model from the brand, thanks to Kia’s California design studio.

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Ford Unveils new Police Interceptor in Chicago


During the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, Ford unveiled the 2016 Police Interceptor Utility vehicle. The new model comes with a number of features created just for law enforcement duties. While the model won’t be available to purchase at a local Ford Dealer, it has been wildly popular with police departments across the country. In fact, the automaker says that since it was launched in 2012, the Police Interceptor Utility has enjoyed a position as the best-selling police vehicle in the country. As a result, Ford dominates the law enforcement automotive market with 55 percent of the total share.

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Hyundai Shows off Future Technology and Designs in Chicago

??????????????????????????????????For the 2015 Chicago Auto Show, Hyundai is showing off to the public its future technology and design advancements, giving a glimpse of things to possibly come. One of the most exciting vehicles the company has put on display is the Santa Cruz Crossover Truck Concept, which was originally revealed during the 2015 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. The concept provides a practical way to enjoy utility throughout a week of spending time in the city as well as in the great outdoors. It was designed to push beyond traditional barriers present in the automotive market, making it wildly unique.

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Ford Declares 2015 Edge More Performance-Oriented


According to Ford, the 2015 Edge Sport is sportier than ever before. The SAE has certified its horsepower and torque ratings, which are higher than any other Edge ever made. Under the hood, the vehicle houses the new EcoBoost 2.7-liter V-6 engine, which is the key to making the model not only utilitarian, but also fun to drive.

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Outstanding January for Honda Pilot

All-New 2016 Honda Pilot SUV to Make Global Debut at 2015 ChicagWe’re pretty used to seeing the Accord, Civic and CR-V as the big-guns of the Honda offering, but an old favorite has been making a notable comeback to popularity in the last month. That model is the 2015 Pilot, which has sold almost twice as many units this January as it did in the same month of last year. While percentage increases can look impressive in some cases until you realize how few actual units have been sold, that certainly isn’t the case with the Pilot. The massive upturn in sales for the Pilot isn’t only good news for new vehicle sales, as the folks at Used Honda Colorado could also see more interest in pre-owned models as the Pilot has been largely unchanged for some time. The extra attention the 2015 model has been getting could encourage those that can’t quite stretch to a brand new one to look for a quality used model that is a couple of years old, as it will still look pretty much the same as the 2015.

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