Ford Works on Safer Headlight Technology


Ford has once again found itself at the forefront of innovation, thanks to a new headlight technology. The automaker seeks to help people spot potential problems on the road at night, including animals, cyclists and even pedestrians. One day the design could be featured on vehicles at any Ford Dealership, making driving a much safer experience.

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Great Example of Where the Market is Right Now

Corvalis Ford Dealer image

We all know that gas prices are remaining relatively low at the moment, and that’s why bigger and more powerful vehicles are all the rage as we stand. If average gas prices were $4.49 per gallon or more right now, as they were in 2008, you could be forgiven for wondering if there would be a Raptor version of the latest F-150 anytime soon. But average gas prices remain below $3, and that’s probably one of the reasons why the guys at your Corvalis Ford Dealer will be able to offer a new Raptor in the not-too-distant future.

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Kia Cleans Up at Vehicle Satisfaction Awards

Kia Dealership Danville

No vehicle manufacturer is ever going to turn down an award that says how good it or any of its models are in the eyes of a panel of judges. But it definitely means that little bit more when the awards come as a result of feedback from real-life buyers of said vehicles. It will therefore have brought great satisfaction to the team at Kia Dealership Danville that their manufacturer did so well in this year’s AutoPacific Vehicle Satisfaction Awards (VSA).

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Unusual But Impressive Record

New two-wheeled record for Nissan JUKE NISMO RS and Terry Grant

There are all manner of records being set by all sorts of people around the world all the time. Sometimes, it even makes you wonder if there should be a record for the most unusual record. But although it may not exactly send buyers flocking to Norwood Nissan to buy a new car, a new record set in a JUKE is impressive all the same.

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Ford Moves Forward With Mobility Solutions


Ford is moving forward with new mobility solutions as part of the next phase of its Ford Smart Mobility plan. The automaker announced it is transitioning from researching solutions to implementing them. According to OKC Ford Dealers, that means a mixture of experimenting with new mobility products, launching pilot programs and pushing into new strategic areas.

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300C Platinum Honored for Interior Design

2015 Chrysler 300 C Platinum interior

The current 300 sedan was redesigned just for the 2015 model year, arriving at the local Renton Chrysler Dealer, as well as at locations around the country, with plenty of premium upgrades both inside and out. It’s the former that’s in focus here, however, as the 2015 Chrysler 300C Platinum has earned a spot on the most recent “Ward’s 10 Best Interiors List.” An annual analysis of the best current cabins in the auto industry, the “10 Best” honor roll is based on an extensive evaluation process that takes into account fit-and-finish, comfort, materials, ergonomics, information displays, values, safety and overall design aesthetics.

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Economical Hyundais Not Flavor of the Month at the Moment


We’ve got pretty used over the last couple of years of hearing about growing, and often record sales figures from most automakers almost every month. Even when a manufacturer has a slight blip, a quick look deeper into the details of the published figures can usually provide plenty of comfort. It’s also been the case of late that if one major manufacturer has a bad month, most of the others have suffered the same fate. However, the guys at Athens Hyundai will know that there’s more to this May’s drop in sales compared to last year for their manufacturer, than any industry-wide blip.

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Volkswagen Working on Features for Apple Watch

volkswagen_car-net_app_for_apple_watch_4912Volkswagen of America recently said that it’s working hard on using the VW Car-Net platform to connect with the new Apple Watch. What that means for Volkswagen Dealer Norristown customers is that in the near future, numerous VW models will be able to interact with their smartwatch, enabling great connectivity on the go. Once it launches, the Apple Watch app will be available for download worldwide.

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Genesis Joins the Club as a Top Choice for Golfers

????????????It’s golf season, both at the Hyundai Dealer Winston-Salem and across the country, and the 2015 Genesis Sedan is ready to tee off. In fact, the car recently was named one of the Top 10 Best New and CPO Cars for Golfers by the experts of

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Toyota Creates Video to Educate About Hydrogen Fuel


Toyota has turned to Morgan Spurlock, a well-respected documentary filmmaker, to create a series of online videos about how hydrogen fuel is created. The whole aim of the automaker’s effort is to educate the public about vehicles such as the Mirai, which they could one day purchase at Toyota Minneapolis.

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